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Computer Education and Instructional Technologies


The Department Of Computer And Educational Technologies Education

The primary objective of the Department is to educate and train individuals who will be in harmony with the informatics 21st century and will be highly digital literates. Within this perspective, our department provides a plenty of up-dated and practical information regarding informatics and information technologies with our students. The goal of our undergraduate programme is to train computer and instruction technologies teachers who will be able to work in primary and upper-secondary schools (high schools).


The Department of CETE, has courses which cover field knowledge, general culture and pedagogical knowledge. The duration of education in the department is four years and the courses in the programme are instructed both at theoretical and practical levels and dimensions. Apart from the undergraduate programme, related MA and doctoral programmes have been organised and directed by the Institute of Educational Sciences.


Our students can study and practise in the informatics laboratories so as to consolidate the theoretical knowledge they gain in the programme. Besides, some usability tests can also be conducted in the human-computer interaction laboratory in our department. The sound and visual recordings of the computer users are taken with the help of some devices throughout the tests and especially the data about their eye movements are recorded and then are evaluated with some special software programmes so as to be resources for human-computer interaction studies.

Employment Prospects

Our graduates can work as the administrators of information- informatics centres, assessment and evaluation experts, software-design development experts, computer systems and web designers, computer programmers, web administrators, system and multi-media designers, multi-media and graphics designers, testing and evaluation experts along with working as CETE teacher.

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